Carillon Studio

Students at work in the Carillon Studio classIn the Carillon Studio, we equip you with the tools needed to become a creative problem solver. Creative problem solving tools include how to work in teams, interview experts, synthesize information and experiment rapidly. These are skills that will allow you to address any Big Question. Here you will begin to draft a Maryland experience unique to you. In the Carillon Studio we will address: What is Your Unique Maryland Experience?

In the Carillon Studio you can expect to:

  • Interview family and friends to learn more about yourself
  • Collaborate and brainstorm with teammates
  • Mind map
  • Sketch
  • Practice improv techniques
  • Give an Elevator Pitch

The Carillon Studio is a weekly one-credit course comprised of 20 students, from the same community. In this course you will also learn about the UMD academic experience. For example, many courses at the University of Maryland use active learning rather than lecturing. The Carillon Studio is a place to get comfortable with learning in this way. The Carillon Studio is complemented with community-wide sessions on University resources and topics of student interest, e.g. time management strategies, study abroad programs and career center resources.